Cedric Ludlow

Cedric Ludlow

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2017 Woodsworth College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from: Psychology, Statistics

Alongside the Classroom

  • Conducted fieldwork in Kapuskasing, Ontario on the Ontario Dialects Project conducting sociolinguistic interviews with the goal of documenting linguistic variation in English in the province
  • Fieldwork was also carried out in Kirkland Lake, North Bay, South Porcupine, New Liskeard, and Toronto on a related project
  • Research Assistant in VSLX Lab (Linguistics)
Outside the Classroom

Further Education

  • Master of Science, Applied Linguistics (focus on intonational success predictors in call centre customer-agent conversations), The University of Edinburgh
Career Accomplishments

  • Currently looking for positions in business analytics and speech analytics.