celine's headshot

Celine Cheung

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2010 New College

Inside the Classroom

  • Major: Art History
  • Major: English
  • Minor: Writing & Rhetoric

Switched programs from: Geography and Linguistics

Alongside the Classroom

Further Education

Career Accomplishments

  • Began as a special education teacher at a Montessori school, Hong Kong
  • Moved into e-learning and educational administration (e.g., coordinating webinars, hybrid and online courses, workshops) in the non-profit sector, Toronto
  • Currently working in education, professional development, and finance portfolios for a public service professional association
  • Also a freelancer in translation, project management, and learning/development
  • Took my love of coffee to new heights by having loyalty points at 5+ coffee shops, and completing barista training with City & Guilds UK, so I can be fully qualified to critique and sample coffee around the world