Dave Hunter

Graduation Year

  • B.A. University College, 1963
Inside the Classroom

Further Education

  • MBA, Human Resources and Organizational Change, Western University, 1966
Career Description and Accomplishments

  • Large corporation experience (CNR, Royal Bank, KPMG, Molson Industries, Transamerica)
  • External change agent with own consulting practise
  • Faculty at Humber College, York University and Brock University
  • Got operating managers to value human resource and organizational change skill set
  • Developed successful student mentoring programme in academic setting
  • Shared life goals conversations with hundreds of students

“Begin constructing your network, which sounds easy, but the devil is in the details of how to build outward from family and friends so as to avoid cold calls. Get a job, any job, to gain work experience – particularly if it is out of the retail sector where one gets little sense of what the larger organization is about. The difference between students with work experience and without work experience is visible.”

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