Jaclyn Marcil

Jaclyn Marcil

Graduation Year

  • HBSc 2016 University College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from:

Outside the Classroom

  • Math mentorship program
  • Hot Yam Sustainable Food Collective
  • Freelance tutor
  • Began working at a tutoring franchise and as a teaching assistant in the math department in 2015
Career Description

  • Worked at a math learning centre
  • Currently working as an in-home and online tutor in Vancouver, BC
“Even though it can seem overwhelming, try to plan for life after graduation.
It’s OK to drop a course if you deem it necessary, especially if you’re stuck with a bad prof (yes, they even exist at U of T!).
If you are taking a course outside of your comfort zone, get to know the prof and express your concerns.
Take things one step at a time.”


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