Matt Everson

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2008 Woodsworth College
Inside the Classroom

Further Education

Career Accomplishments

  • Started as a Project Analytic and Digital Mapping Specialist, including working in the mining industry
  • Switched to Digital Marketing and Analytics, focusing on generating better business outcomes based on data-driven decisions
  • Became Senior Marketing Strategist in enterprise service, developing skill sets for an advisor/consultant
  • Currently National Director in Digital Marketing for KPMG Canada
In the Media

“Take the time and always be curious. Asking questions denotes intelligence and only helps you figure out the path you want to take! Also find a small group of mentors for yourself so you get the following:

1) Varied opinions through varied experience
2) Someone to help tease through your thought process and bounce ideas off – it will help ground the ideas you want most.
3) Never stop learning. Always look to do more for yourself – its a big journey so learn as much as you can.
4) Take time to not work and be okay with exploring you outside of a career – you will surprise yourself!