Navi Dhanota

Navi Dhanota

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2003 Innis College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from: Psychology

Outside the Classroom

  • Registered with Accessibility Services and developed the lived experience of being a student receiving accommodations while struggling with mental health. These became useful credentials.
Further Education

Career Description

  • Accessibility consultant, George Brown College
  • Accessibility consultant (varying roles, incl. institutional policy review)
  • Successful in personal activism, which involved changing the requirements to disclose a diagnosis when registering with post-secondary accommodation offices.
In the Media

“My advice, for current students, would be to stop trying to find your calling/passion. I realize this may sound counter-intuitive— I used my lived experience to identify small projects I wanted to work on and things I wanted to change. I used these small initiatives as a platform to springboard my career.

Follow what interest you (this could be a class you are good at, subject matter that is easy to read, or even the the issues that you find most difficult). With that, will come passion. Showing genuine motivation in your field is what will distinguish you from the pack.


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