Paul McLean

Graduation Year

  • BA 1984 University College
Inside the Classroom

Outside the Classroom

  • Intramural sports
Further Education

  • University of Chicago, M.A. 1987 (Political Science)
  • University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1996 (Political Science)
Career Description

  • I have pursued a career in higher education, transitioning to Sociology from Political Science because of the nature of my training in grad school. I continue to have a humanistic bent in my social science research, and I think that orientation arose from taking history, philosophy, and literature courses at U of T as an undergrad. I taught for three years at the University of Chicago after completing my Ph.D., then was offered a tenure-track job at Rutgers in 1999. I have been here ever since, becoming tenured in 2006, being promoted to Full Professor this year, and serving as Director of Undergraduate Studies and then Department Chair over the last five and a half years. Going through U of T, along with my time at Rutgers, another great public university, and the fact both of my parents were public school teachers, have together made me strongly committed to the goals of public higher education.
“1) Live on campus. You were offered the chance, but thought it more important to save money. That was wrong.
2) Get involved in more activities on campus. You would have made more friends, developed a stronger identity with the school, and had more fun.”


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