Samantha Portrait

Samantha Freeman-Attwood

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2004 Innis College
Inside the Classroom

Further Education

Career Accomplishments

“Get involved beyond the classroom, what you do outside the classroom is equally as important as what you do inside the classroom. Becoming engaged in the wider U of T community will allow you to build important skills, meet incredible people and most importantly get to know yourself, which is how you will discover what you are good at and where your passion lies.

There are SO many opportunities to get involved, whether it is through summer abroad, international exchange, volunteering, clubs (there are over 900 + clubs!!!), there is something for everyone to take part it.

Get to know your resources, there are no shortage of opportunities to get help and build your skills. Get to know the places you can turn to for help, for support and encouragement.

See the people in your classroom as allies, not your competition. You are all in this together, you can help each other and lift each other up. You are probably going through many of the same struggles as your peers, so don’t be shy about reaching out to them.

This is the best time for you to take part in all the wonderful things on offer, get to know all that awaits you….then you can be selective about what you partake in; and there is something for everyone in this amazing place!”

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