Danielle Dewar

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2007 New College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from:

Outside the Classroom

  • Costume designer on a few plays at Victoria College
Career Accomplishments

  • Spent several years working in communications for non-profits, startups and the tech sector in Canada
  • Now work as a freelance writer and run my own digital media company, Brand Dew Media
  • Also do freelance DV screenwriting and just produced a pilot for a new web series that will hopefully be funded through Kickstarter called The Stickmans
In the Media

New College Impact

I was in the double cohort. Many students were randomly placed in my first year of school, myself included, so I had virtually no ties to New College. The majority of my courses and education happened via the Cinema Studies program offered out of Innis College and the English Literature program offered out of Victoria College.

“It’s easy to make up your mind regarding what you’re going to study long before you even attend university. I made my choices that way at first but stayed open to the idea of changing my mind halfway through. I changed minors several times and don’t regret it. I took more credits than I needed to in the end, but gained a lot of experience in the different subject matter I studied along the way as a result.

Justine Laboni

Justine Iaboni

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2008 St. Michael’s College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from:

Outside the Classroom

Further Education

  • MA, Cinema Studies, 2008-09, University of Toronto
Career Description

  • Launched a blog in 2009 and grew it into one of the top fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle blogs in Canada.
  • Attended fashion weeks in Toronto and NYC writing for fashion publications.
  • Invited on press trips around the world working with tourism boards, hotels, local organizations, airlines, and many other brands.
  • Lectured at U of T and Ryerson on many occasions about her career.
  • Featured in magazines such as Toronto Life and Fashion.
  • Helped to forge the influencer industry in Canada by working with brands such as Unilever, American Express, PANDORA, Cadillac Fairview, Coach, Bayer, Nordstrom, etc.,
  • Mentored new bloggers starting out in the industry at Blogging Conferences
  • Volunteered with Filling the Gap TO
  • In 2017, left the blogging world to pursue her true passion: music and the arts.
  • Released an album in 2017
  • Writes a weekly spiritual newsletter based on the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein and Marianne Williamson targeted at women who are looking for guidance in their lives, and trying to find ways to work past limiting beliefs.
“I would tell myself that I CAN DO IT. That I am enough. I would tell myself that the world isn’t against me and that I am valuable. I would tell myself that you can have your cake and eat it to; that the limiting beliefs we’ve been passed down through our parents, social constructs, media, are not objective truth. We can choose the life we want to live. The how doesn’t matter. Sometimes having blind faith is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and you don’t have to “do it” the way that the mainstream does. I have always been a deep, feeling person and neglected that part of myself during undergrad. I repressed my inner dreamer for fear of not fitting in and fear of failure. The world has taught me so much, outside of school. I wish I had someone to impart real world knowledge onto me when I was in University. I wish I had someone to tell me that everything is going to be OK, that I CAN DO IT, whatever I dream of, no matter how silly or unconventional – I can achieve it.”