headshot of brandon bastaldo

Brandon Bastaldo

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2012 New College

Inside the Classroom

  • Major: Cinema Studies
  • Major: English

Outside the Classroom

Further Education

  • Certificate in project management, University of Toronto

Career Accomplishments

  • Production lead, Loblaw Digital
  • eCommerce/digital product launches and project management: Dyson, Canopy Growth Corporation

Take your time to learn more about yourself.

Reach out, talk to professors, challenge other students and yourself to think and engage.

Use your classes to create your voice and your approach. Understand how to ask questions and get your ideas across in difficult situations.

Reach out to TAs, Professors, other students who you might find interesting and who can share some perspective.

Once you leave university, the ability for this to happen organically sometimes dramatically decreases. Approach the world with wonder.