Lijim Lau

Graduation Year

  • BSc 1988 University College
Inside the Classroom

Alongside the Classroom

Outside the Classroom

Further Education

Career Description

  • Practiced corporate/commercial law for 4 years with a leading Canadian law firm
  • 4 years as in-house counsel for Warner Bros. in Hong Kong
  • 14 years as in-house counsel for Applied Materials in Silicon Valley and Shanghai
  • In-house counsel for Levi Strauss & Co. in Singapore and the San Francisco Bay Area since 2014
In the media

“Take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you on campus as a student! Be focused and efficient with your studying – treat it like a job, get it done, then take advantage of all of the free time you have to do something constructive. U of T has a club or organization for everything – sports, fitness, photography, music, debate, drama, etc. And it is all relatively inexpensive for you as a student. Take advantage of the time you have and the opportunities available to you.”


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