Maggie Cheung

Graduation Year

  • HBSc 2017 University College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from: Life SciencesNutrition and Food Science at Ryerson University

Alongside the Classroom

Outside the Classroom

Career Description

  • Design Consultant, Grantbook Inc.
  • Internship at an integrated marketing agency
  • Freelance work in web design and developing

“All of my past experiences put me in a really good position to enter a marketing/design role in the philanthropic sector – which is where I wanted to be, and where I am right now. I didn’t know that this was what I wanted to do all along; I just looked for a sense of satisfaction with both my work and the people I surrounded myself with.

I think the most important thing when you’re young is to not be afraid to try things out, but keep in mind that you want to learn something from each experience – even if all you learn is that something isn’t for you.”


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