Zoha Anjum

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  • HBSc 2017 University College
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  • Writer: INKspire Magazine, June 2016 – Present
  • Primary Author: Zoha Anjum, Helena Petrosova & Tara J. Moriarty. Importance of Hemolysin III in Lyme Disease Infection. (Manuscript in preparation)
  • Primary Author: Zoha Anjum, Helena Petrosova & Tara J. Moriarty. Short-term high fat diet has no effect on bacterial burden in Lyme disease. Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences, June 2017
  • Secondary Author: Helena Petrosova, Azad Eshghi, Zoha Anjum, Nataliya Zlotnikov, Caroline E. Cameron & Tara J. Moriarty. Diet-Induced Obesity Does Not Alter Tigecycline Treatment Efficacy in Murine Lyme Disease. Front Microbiol. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00292

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“I would advise myself to take care of myself! It’s really easy to get caught up with school and extracurricular activities and forget about self-care. I would also tell myself to not overwork and prioritize my commitments better during my undergraduate studies. U of T is a fantastic school with innumerable opportunities, so make use of those opportunities while also enjoying your time!”


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