Matthew Celestial

Graduation Year

  • HBA 2016 Woodsworth College
Inside the Classroom

Switched programs from:

Alongside the Classroom

Outside the Classroom

Career Accomplishments

  • Launched a public strategy and communications firm, Statement Strategies, working with Paramount Pictures Canada, Toonbox Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios, Universal Studios Canada, the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, Ado Ato Pictures, and more.
  • Outside of public relations, he is a community organizer serving on the Board of Directors committee for Queer Ontario where he advocates for LGBTQ folks across all levels of government, launching non-profit initiative Diverse Francaise for newcomers to Canada interested in learning French (July 2019) and launching Health is a Right! Foundation supporting low-income communities in third world countries with access to healthcare (September 2019).
  • Previously, he was the Director of Operations for LGBT in Capital Markets, the Director of Operations for Inclusive Love, and sat on the Durham Environmental Advisory Committee.
  • Currently working towards a legal career to complete a JD and is as well interested in academic research on hermeneutics, media strategies that shape policy, and legal interpretation.
In the Media

“1) Be present and enjoy the moment.
2) Be self-compassionate – you are doing good wherever you are.
3) Never say never. Everything comes together in full circle at some point.
4) Be kind to every single person (even the person who stole your seat on the TTC). Say thank you. Hold the door.
5) Don’t stop — even if you have multiple doors closed on you and people berating you. Keep going.