Cynthia Good

Graduation Year

  • BA 1974 University College
Inside the Classroom

Alongside the Classroom

  • Research assistant for Professor
Outside the Classroom

  • Very involved in theatre at UC and Hart House
  • Worked at Robarts Library
Further Education

  • Masters – 1975
  • Incomplete PhD (all but dissertation)
Career Description

  • Interrupted Ph.D when employed by a small independent publishing house
  • 4 years later hired by Penguin Books Canada to start Canadian publishing program
  • Remained at Penguin for almost 21 years. Left after becoming President & Publisher
  • Hired by Humber College to set up a publishing program there, ran the program and taught for 10 years
  • Continued part time for 2 years at Humber, originating and organizing conferences and workshops for writers
  • Now continue with some workshops, facilitate book clubs, and do a variety of volunteer activities
“Learn widely and develop a disciplined mind.
Study philosophy.Learn and be able to use languages beyond English.
Despite the fact that I have had an extraordinarily satisfying career, I still wish I had completed my Ph.DEnjoy the friendship, the stimulation and the drama of university life.”


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